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Podcast (in French)

#56: Allow yourself to be a writer – Martine Senn

``In this podcast, Martine Senn, who is releasing her first book, shares with us her journey to write and affirm that she is a writer.

I met Martine two years ago and one of the first sentences she confided to me was “I need to know why I am here”. And it seems to me that I can say, following our exchange, that she has fully embraced her raison d'être by recognizing her need to write.

Today, Martine Senn is a writer. She is an author of fantasy novels. The first ``Metamorphoses or the rhinoceros with a woman's skin`` will be released at the end of 2022 and the second is being finalized.

``You will have understood in this podcast, we are talking about daring, going to meet yourself, asserting yourself and embracing head-on what nourishes us body-heart-mind.``

Valérie Demont 21.10.2022